Daisuke Igarashi interview

laikagohome has translated a recent interview with Daisuke Igarashi of Children of the Sea and Witches fame, and whose Little Forest has just recently been completely scanlated into English.

—While we’re on this subject, what was it that you, Igarashi-san, wanted to say with the work “Little Forest”?

This overlaps with what I was talking about earlier about the island but, take for example a young girl who lives in a farming village, she would be highly skilled. Like she would take care of her children, husband, and grandparents, while managing chores around the house and helping with farm work. Furthermore, she would grow beautiful flowers in the garden, cut grass growing on the streets, and make preserved foods out of the plants she foraged. For her, that might be the most obvious part of daily life, but for me, when I see that sort of thing I just think it’s simply amazing and admirable. I couldn’t possibly do all of that (laugh). But there’s no sense that she’s suffering through it just to get by in life, she’s enjoying it. Everyone is looking like they’re incredibly fulfilled. In other words, the first thing that prompted me to think about drawing “Little Forest” was how I thought it wouldn’t be too bad if we took a look back at that kind of life. Isn’t that the kind of life that you can really call full and ample? I still feel that way now.

The one person Inio Asano follows on Twitter: Lady Gaga.

The one person Inio Asano follows on Twitter: Lady Gaga.

Anonymous asked: I'm just asking ,examples : Daijiro Morohoshi , Igarashi Mikio , Shiriagari Kotobuki , ,Fumiyo Kouno, Iō Kuroda , Yukinobu Hoshino , ,Hisashi Sakaguchi , Naoki Urasawa ,Yarō Abe, Kon Kimura , Hideki Arai and Naoto Yamakawa , and others that sure you know better than someone don't read Japanese ,maybe tommorow i heard that asano became like mizuki or otomo or hagio hhh just joking , and thanks for translating interviews they are very important ,

Yeah, that’s a pretty good list, but I guess I’m trying to do stuff on artists who have some sort of following in the English-speaking world, which some of the artists you’ve named just don’t have. It it’s any consolation, while I’m not exactly sure what I’ll end up translating next, it almost certainly won’t be any Asano-related! Though I do have another good interview with him that’s begging to be done eventually.

By the way, I did once read an interview with Io Kuroda, and it was really boring because it was something like this:

Interviewer: I thought it was just brilliant how you did X in Japan Tengu Party Illustrated.

Kuroda: Meh, that was just something I whipped up back when I was a kid.

Interviewer: Oh… well, I thought you did a great job with Y and Z in Sexy Voice and Robo.

Kuroda: Yeah? I didn’t put too much thought into it. Had bills that needed paying. That’s all.

He’s a guy who really can’t stand being treated as some kind of great artist, I think, so he’s a poor interview.

Anonymous asked: Hi bro , i see you translate many interviews but please we want a true artist that we can enjoy reading them not just asano inio we want another artists

ok, you know what, i’ll bite: who DO you want?


ダ・ヴィンチ 1997年10月号 No.42


ダ・ヴィンチ 199710月号 No.42


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